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April 17, 2013



I had a wonderful time exploring Machu Picchu and did not give a fig about how other people got there.

Big Dot

Good choice. Can you IMAGINE what the other people on a trip like that would be like?

Though it really doesn't fit with the Inca Trail and especially the porters, I have nothing against luxury per se. Wait till I go to Alaska with Silversea in June. There will be butlers!

Chiang Mai is in northern Thailand and probably a lot fancier than when I was there in 1980 dithering over a 144-piece bronze cutlery canteen and finally, to the salesman's chagrin, buying a butter knife.


I would go if it was free. Yup. No - srsly - highest bid? $1,000.


Hattie - It looks very interesting. I don't know why, but the Southern Hemisphere just doesn't appeal to me.
Big Dot - I am so jealous about Silversea! Many years I've included them on the list of vacations only to strike them off because they are insanely expensive.
Becs - I think I max out at $8k on vacations. Not ten times that.


Emborpprete - I deleted your cryptic comment, because you seemed like you might be a spam scout. If anyone can vouch for Emborpprete, let me know.

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