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April 18, 2013



Congratulations to Gary. My condolences to you. From what little I know of the man, you'll need to find him a consuming hobby, FAST!


Sounds like a life-saving maneuver. Congratulations. Things will be calmer now.Don't let people tell you anything else. It is a fine thing when people can leave bad jobs. Gary is only 59. Lucky man. Lucky you.


Congratulations to you both. Make him develop phone apps so he can make another zillion dollars, plus, it will keep him busy, which you definitely want (see Silk's comment).

If you come home hungry and he's sitting on his butt, he gets one pass but after that, heads will roll.


Hmmmm. *Runs to get popcorn and a drink whilst the game unfolds*


My dad retired early and it was fantastic for my parents. Either way, I'm glad he's ditched the horrible job. Best of luck to you both.

Big Dot

Ahh, so that's why Gary is as he is? When my husband left a job he hated, life improved immeasurably at home. Hope that's how it works out for you - but there will be adjustments. If he starts to regard your home as his space, you'll have to give him a shake. Becs is onto it.


~~Silk - I think he'll take up the hobbies he's shelved because he doesn't have time or energy: drums, pc games, biking.
Hattie - Every job he's had has been a bad job. Some people are just never happy emplyed. I nee to make sure I don't end up as his defacto employer.
Becs - He'll order a pizza for $20. I can see it now.
Zayrina - He has established the rules: He does nothing. No cooking, no cleaning. I have countered with, maybe for a month, but then that won't fly.
Allison - I hope it does turn out to be fantastic. Did your dad help around the house? My dad retired at 40 and never did anything around the house, because he did things horribly. Couldn't cook, couldn't clean. I'm not falling for that.
Big Dot - Oh, there were adjustments today when we bought him an iPhone and added him to my plan. "Oh, let's get the better plan, that's just ten dollars a month more." Yes ... but it's my ten dollars.


My Dad is awesome around the house. He got home earlier than my Mom when he did work and he made supper most nights. He cooks as often as she does, if not more, and they clean the house TOGETHER. They fight a lot and swear at each other, just in case that's too sickeningly sweet for you.


Allison - Well, Gary and I are already good at fighting and swearing, so that bodes well.


wow. lots of luck!


Magpiemusing - It's going well so far. A load is gone from his soul.

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