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January 30, 2013



Ellen, I am so sorry. *hugs*


Jammies - I've had one more cry than Gary, so I'm getting better. Thank you.


It's always painful, no matter that you know it's coming. Sympathies to you from the cats and me.


That's so sad, Ellen. You did the right thing for Mac. I know how it feels to know you're not bringing your dog home from the vet. RIP, Mac the Dog. You'll be missed, little man.


So sorry. Why do cats and dogs have such short lives? We fall in love with them, enjoy them for a while and then they're gone.

My very most favorite cat did live for seventeen years. (That would be Friedlich, German for insouciant.) For a week after he died, I came home from work and balled loudly. It seemed to help.


Thank you for sharing. Still sorry for your loss...Mac was an important part of your family. Also? For some reason known only to God, I had always envisioned him as a huge breed of dog...maybe that's because the stories you told about made me think he had a large personality. Ah Mac the Dog...you will be missed.


I think that it's very important that I point out something about Arlene's sympathy post:

She probably meant "bawled", but what she actually wrote sounds like a LOT more fun.

I am sorry. We miss the pets that we loved forever, once they're gone.

Amy in StL

After I had Rex put to sleep, I used to wake in the middle of the night thinking I heard him puking. I never thought NOT having to get out of bed to take a vomiting dog outside would make me so sad.


Oh no. So sad, and so sorry.

Big Dot

Oh, I'm so sorry. We lost our old Labrador in November and it still makes me cry to think about her. This is why actors who need tears think 'My dog is dead'. It's what happens, we all know that, but it's hard.

Mrs. Hall





I'm so sorry. Poor Mac. Poor lonely you and Gary. ((hugs))


I'm so sorry. I still mourn my little dog who died years ago.


Very sorry to hear about your loss. (((HUGS))) Mac was a lucky dog to be so loved.


Tami, I balled loudly--it helped.


So very sad. I'm sorry for you both. It's hard to bear the lack of their sounds.


I'm so sorry.

And Arlene, you win the internet.


I am sorry for your loss. Do talk to each other about how you feel, help each other. Mac would approve.


Becs - Death is always such a surprise.
Marcia - Yep. And now W's dog Barney is dead, too.
Arlene - You know, I thought about editing your "balling," but I've corrected people many times and then found out I was wrong. (The pronounciations of "facade," "banal," and "gibberish" stand out in my mind.)
Autumn - We were searching today for a term to describe him other than "good dog" (because he was not) and someone suggested huge personality.
Tami - especially since it was loud.
Amy in StL - I should say something here about how I miss picking up his poop, but I do not. I miss his face on my foot.
Allison - Very very sad.
Big Dot - It's like my Mom. I never want to stop crying over Mom, and I know if I want to I can still cry over her. It's sort of a sign of respect.
Mrs Hall - thanks.
Magpie - We have tried scratching each other's bellies. It is not the same.
Hattie - You know, I still think of my first dog, Fred. He was the best. Gary keeps saying "Mac was such a good boy," and I have to remind him that no, Mac was the worst dog we ever had.
Gayle - He was a lucky lucky dog.
Arlene - Heh! You go Arlene.
Candy - I keep halfway listening for barks or sighs. There's a squeak somewhere in this house that sounds like him.
RockyCat - Coming from the person with a blog named after a cat, that means a little extra.
~~Silk - We have been helping each other. He agreed that Weds was awful, Thursday we were relieved that we weren't stepping in pee, and today we were back to being sad, but only sighing sad, not sobbing sad.

Friend #8

I can't imagine. Surely it will be a long and strange weekend for you. You're both in my thoughts.


Huge personality for the win!!!


Not that there are wins in this situation...I'll stop typing now.


Friend #8 - it's getting better.
Autumn - hon, it's okay, type all you want.


I'm so sorry. I'm sending hugs down the wifi toward you.

There's nothing quite like losing such a loving, uncritical, devoted member of the family, and it's made all the more difficult by our culture's lack of structure for grieving when our pets die.

I hope you're comforted by the memory of the the obviously loving care you took of Mac, because comfort is what you deserve, and what you gave to him.

Murphy Jacobs

I posted something a few days ago but apparently I didn't perform the right magic to make it stick or I posted it elsewhere. I'm not sure, since I was crying when I was typing.

Yes, I get weepy over other people's pets, too. Whenever someone I know loses a pet, I have to hug all of mine, because I've lost several in my life and it is never, ever, ever easy. In fact, right now I'm getting all blurry thinking about how you feel losing Mac and I will be annoying my critters as soon as I hit "post".

But it's better to love them and lose them then never to have the joy of cold noses thrust into your hand, furballs trying to smother you, and all that love you get when it's feeding time. If you are ever in SC, you are welcome to come by for as much petting and cuddling as you can stand (from the animals. I will keep a polite distance.)

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