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January 11, 2013



I always love planning a trip, although I'm less rigorous about choosing the hotel--generally just check TripAdvisor.
I hope you can get in to see The Book of Mormon. Maybe not a problem in Chicago. I had wanted to see it in NYC last October. In August, I tried to book tickets and found those available to be really expensive--over $600 per ticket. Something to do with the Presidential campaign? Supposed to be a great show, but we ended up with the Jersey Boys--also very good.


I'm so jealous. I want to see The Book of

Big Dot

I'm hoping to get to Chicago for a first visit sometime within the next year, so I shall be watching with interest.
I really enjoy travelling without my husband.

Lena McGill

Sounds like a wonderful plan. I'm going to copy your hotel selection protocol in future.

I like traveling alone.

I went to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch (but this was probably 7 or 8 years ago) and I was disappointed at the food and the music. And I really wanted to like it.


Arlene - Most of the seats that are left are obstructed view - but there's exactly one dead center six rows back. Insane!
Hattie - It's coming to Saint Louis in February, to a better theater with no obstructed views, but I wouldn't have an excuse for ditching Gary. (Instead I'm ditching the birthday girl. Cold.)
Big Dot - Art galleries are on every corner. And they've cleaned it up a lot since I went in seventh grade. Back then clumps of dirt would blow off the buildings and hit you in the face.
Lena McGill - Well, after I picked the hotel I read frightening reviews on TripAdvisor, so I don't know if I'd recommend it. And yes, reviews of the Gospel Brunch are 50/50.


That sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a blast :)


Autumn - I think I will. I found out the reason Libby's friends are far-flung is because they're internet friends, so that makes them fun right there.

Hot Mom

You're not supposed to use my name, dammit. I'm Hot Mom. And my friends are far flung because it's more fun that way.

Ditch me for Book of Mormon. I'm a heartless cow; I'd do it to you.


Hot Mom - I know. Happy Birthday, I've got something better to do.

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