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January 11, 2013



Brats trying to crawl into a tub with a mannequin leg? Can you give it minus stars?

And I wonder how long it will be before Gary notices his weight set is gone.


I love under-rated scary movies. I will totally watch that and if it's any good I will have Gary's back. Although the image renders me ever so slightly skeptical.


I love this movie.


I'm sure it's wonderful.


Becs - I have doubts that they will actually take the weight set. We might have to sneak it bit by bit into the trash.
Allison - The slugs are very gross. The bathtub scen was supposed to be an homage to some other famous bathtub scene.Chek IMDB.com.
Wendy - It was fine, I thought. I much preferred Iron Sky, which we saw next.
Hattie - "Wonderful" is way too strong a word. It was written with a zombie movie audience in mind.Lots of in-jokes. Luckily, I'd read IMDB.com first.

super scary movies

Mothers always sit by themselves in really big, dark, freezing movie theaters watching stupid 'R' rated scary movies with the name Freddie, or Chucky, or Nightmare in the title, so you (teenager) won't be embarrassed to be seen with your mother in a public place while you sit and watch horrible movie with your pack of little friends.


Super Scary Movies - I'm neither teenager or mother.

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