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January 29, 2013



OMG! I saw this only in the Reader at first, and if I hadn't clicked through wouldn't have seen the update! I'm so very sorry. Pets have too short a life span, it's very hard on us humans.


Oh no. So very sorry.


Oh, I'm so sorry! Losing a pet is hard enough when you see it coming, but suddenly like this is so much worse.


Oh Dear poor puppy and poor you. We do love our fur babies.


I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Amy in StL

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear this. It's hard when you see it coming but you turn a blind eye; I can't imagine how hard that train hits when you didn't see it. Good thing he had nice humans to take care of him and be there at the end when he needed it most.
Take care.




Oh no! I'm so sorry for you all.


So sorry to hear this. All of our cats are decidedly "senior" and even though I'm pre-emptively cataloging the ways in which they annoy me to make the eventual day easier when it comes, I still don't think I'll ever be ready. Very sad, indeed.


That is so sad! Very sorry to hear about this.


Oh no! That is very sudden, and terribly sad. I am so sorry, Ellen. I am a longtime reader of your blog and I always enjoyed your stories about Mac. It is a sad loss, for sure.


That fucking sucks. Sending love to you guys. Mac was a good boy.


You were so good to him and he was so good for you. I'm sorry to hear that he has passed.


I'm so very sorry. That totally blows.


Aww... I'll miss the little guy. He was a cutie. I'm so sorry, Ellen and Gary. :-(

Murphy Jacobs

Oh no! That's most awful! I am so terribly sorry and sad. I love my dog and my cats tremendously and it hurts so much when I must let one of them go. Many many hugs.


You never know when it's going to be the last time a dog sits on your head. Farewell, Mac.


Everyone - thank you all

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