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December 20, 2012



Oh, I would be MAD.

Mrs. Hall



Get negotiating!


Tami - Marcia is mad. I am phlegmatic. Libby, I don't know how she feels.
Mrs. Hall - Meh!
Hattie - I'd negotiate if I lost rights, but I'm still getting what was offered me.


I think they should give everyone with 4 or more year's service a bonus of 1 week's pay for every year of service over three, to make up for the vacations they missed. (Did they also lower the years to get 4 weeks?)

Reminds me of when I started teaching. The salary offered starting teachers at Gettysburg was $x lower than the state average, so I negotiated to start at the the average. You were guaranteed a raise of $x each year. The next year, they gave every teacher in the school a raise of $x in addition to the contracted $x raise, to bring everyone up to the state average - except me, because I was already at the average.

It annoyed me. I figured every teacher in that school owed me!


~~Silk - But, you got something extra, you got a year's worth of additional salary they didn't. Good for you. I've never been able to do things like that. Once I tried to negotiate extra vacation and they slapped me down.

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