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November 16, 2012



Oh! When my mother was dying, one of Xman's "Let's Cheer Up Becs" ideas was to put "Dumbo" in the VCR. I wouldn't even stay in the house when it was on, just stood outside sobbing and he just didn't understand.

Thank you about the warning for "Brave". Is it different, do you think, if one did not like one's mother?

Friend #8

Good question Becs... Or if one has serious unresolved dead mother issues?


Becs - What a MORON.
Becs / Friend 8 - I think it would be even worse if you didn't like your mother. If you fought with your mother because she wanted you to marry someone Scottish, then I think you might go catatonic.


Thank you for the warning.


Marcia - No problem.


OK. I'm probably still going to watch it, but I'll have no eye makeup on, and a box of Kleenex.

I've been ambushed by movies more times than I can count in the 25 years since she died. Ugh.


Tami - Don't ever watch Babe, either.

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