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November 28, 2012



My blogroll is full of married couples having insane conversations and doing loopy crap. This is a good day.

Amy in StL

I can't even imagine how the first one looked, if it was more pervy. Boys are so weird.


I litrally laughed out loud. (Please tell me you watch Parks and Rec...)


That which has been seen, cannot be unseen.


Well at least he isn't humping the hind parts of the deer.....


Allison - Count on Gary for loopycrap.
Amy in StL - Yeah, he said "take it again, I look too pervy" and then he did the same face.
Autumn- It is LITERALLY Gary's favorite show!
Tami - Sorry?
Zayrina- This is true. Now he will though.


Call you doctor if you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours. It could be as sign of a serious mental condition.....


Must be one of those love languages I've heard tell about.


Benchmark - Or, if your erection has ears.
Marcia - I think you are right. it's Love Language Number 6, deer humping.

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