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September 02, 2012



So far, so good, though, huh?

I hear from RCW that the foam mattress is absolute hell for anyone who has medical issues that get worse with heat. What I observed about the Sleep Number bed is that the Cuddle Area is cut off by boards or whatever. Never give up the Cuddle Area.

Side effects from my increased meds are shaky hands, blurry vision at times and dry mouth. Worth it if I keep on feeling this way.

Keep on keeping on.


Extra Firm Elan Valley from Mattress Discounters - that's what we finally settled on. I love it! Cost a lot more than what it did 15 years ago, though...


I keep seeing some "cool top" mattress being advertised on tv, but of course now when that would be useful information I can't remember who makes it. I'll keep my eyes and ears open and pass it along when I see it again.
Also, ants and I are mortal enemies. Seeing them dead and dying would only fill me with glee. I did feel guilty when I squished a spider this morning on my way out the back door, realizing I could have just shooed him outide instead of crunching him.


aha! iComfort by Serta.

Big Dot

No meds issues for me, but new glasses are making everything look 3D and I'm sure that's not normal.


Becs - when asked by a yound couple about heat issues, a mattress salesman said in my hearing "I've never had a mattress returned because of heat issues." If anyone was looking at my face at the time they would have seen the snake-eye.
Suburbancorrespondent - And that's what I found weird, this one cost about the same as the one we bought years ago. The same happens with our cars. No matter when we buy a car it's always about the same price.
Kristie - while I'd like the adjustable feature, I just can't get used to the foam beds. I just feels creepy.
Big Dot - I'm getting glasses too, and I'm thinking I don't want TOO much clarity. I need a little fog, like Eugene O'Neill's Mary.

Amy in StL

I kind of compromised between firm and foam for my new mattress. I hope yours works out as well as mine has!


Amy in StL - no compromise here. Firm. If I keep waking up with painful hipsI might get a pad for the top of my side.

jessica fantastica

I had a friend rave about sleeplikethedead.com. It's like some mattress research dream. Oh and I'm catching up, so if you already bought...nevermind! :)


Jessica fantastica - eek! Mine got the lowest rating.

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