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September 03, 2012



I stopped going to malls years ago, when I realized 1) I didn't have any money and 2) there was nothing there that I really wanted. I went to the Barnes and Noble in a mall maybe an hour from me and in the middle of it, wondered why? (Because I think I saw Joyce Carol Oates there once, that's why and yes, she lives in the area.)There aren't any fat chick clothing stores here. There's a Victoria's Secret, an expensive furniture store, a Gap and...why the hell am I here? Answer came there none.

And now that I'm relying on the library so much, Barnes and Noble is pretty much off the list, too.


Becs - Every fat chick store here has sparkly stuff on the shirts. Except for Lane Bryant, which has the hated elastic band at the bottom.

There's a book sale at work, so I need to start purging my books. e-books are the way to go.

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