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August 07, 2012



I have been bitching about Aly's eyebrows the entire time. When they show her, my husband says "I know, I know, how could the do that to her eyebrows right before the biggest competition of her life?" before I can even start to say it. Seriously, stop plucking her eyebrows!!


Trisha - and in earlier photos, like the ones they took in June, she's got normal, even bushy brows. Perhaps she has that disorder when a person pulls out hairs. More probably she's a normal girl who is horrified by her naturally healthy eyebrows.


Or we could just, you know, be enthralled by the fact that these boneless girls can walk upright.

(But she did overpluck. I totally don't get what the Gabby's hair criticism is.)


Caroline - I don't know. Now they're all talking about McKayla's body language during the medal ceremony.




Caroline - love. Still, was she raised by that teacher in Dance Moms?

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