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August 16, 2012



Well, I'm glad to see we didn't have to add "typed post while having stroke" to your adventures tonight.


Ha! I assumed you decided to drink to kill time until you could get in. :-)


You lead a life of high adventure.


I am appalled that you put the batteries on the counter at the same time. Appalled, I tell you!

Amy in StL

I can't believe you've never "tasted" a 9-volt. We had a battery here that we figured was probably dead and everyone had done that once and therefore no-one would agree to test it. I can't imagine not carrying a key to my house. Of course, I've never lived somewhere with an attached garage because I'm paranoid about those types of fume/poisoning/fire things.


Trisha - No stroke, just lazy. It does explain why I often still have spelling errors when done, though.
Rosie (Hi Rosie!) - I never thought anyone else would see it.
Hattie - You never know when new experiences might come your way.
Tami - I know. Just not thinking.
Amy in StL - Do you remember that murder in england 20 odd years ago, when the little biys murdered another little boy and put batteries in his mouth. Now I somewhat understand that.

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