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August 18, 2012



That? Looks disgusting. I don't care how good it might taste, I'm not eating anything that looks like that. That shit ain't right.


RockyCat - yeah, I ended up throwing it all away. I should have waited until the 90 days was up. I cut it too early and I contaminated it. I thought about making more, then I decided not to. Good enough to know if I had to turn milk into cheese, given three months, I could do it.


Oh my gosh, you MADE that?! I should have been paying more attention ... I apologize for all the nasty things I said. *blushes*


The crazy thing about cheese is that you can cut off the mold and eat the rest. Not like bread!


Rockycat - no it deserved mockery.
Tami -I did carve out the good stuff and ate a morsel. Was it bacteria or mold. I got scared.

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