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August 23, 2012


Big Dot

In England, that's treasonable. Everyone's a genetics expert insisting that the ginga gene is common. One in every family, they say.

I say that too, but with a nudge and a wink.


That did not light my fire.


The old guy with the tattoos needs to wear clothes. Bleah.

I remember when Prince Andrew was "Randy Andy" and dated a porn actress Koo Stark I think it was. He will outgrow this.


I hit Wikipedia:

The Wynn: The resort has earned AAA five diamond, Mobil five-star, Forbes five-star, and Michelin five star ratings for hotel, as well as one Michelin star for restaurant Wing Lei.[1] and is considered to be one of the finest hotels in the world. Wynn Las Vegas and its sister property Encore Las Vegas collectively hold more Forbes five-star awards than any other resort and casino in the world. Wynn Las Vegas also made Forbes Award history by earning five-star ratings in every category—Hotel, Restaurant, and Spa—for two consecutive years.[2] It has held the distinction of winning the award in the hotel sector for four consecutive years, since 2007. The building is the first high-rise to be cleaned by an automatic window washing system.

The Bellagio: Bellagio has won the AAA Five Diamond Award twelve years in a row, from 2000 to 2012; it was the first Strip hotel to receive the award ten or more times in a row. Two of its restaurants, Picasso and Le Cirque, have also received the Five Diamond award.

So it looks like either is a lovely destination, really.

I never doubted Harry's parentage. He's totally got Charles ears.


Big Dot - Hah! Proud to be 'Murkin!
Hattie - Well, he's really just a boy. Needs some meat on his bones.
Zayrina - "The old guy" is only 40!
Tami - But does the Wynn have a chocolate fountain? No.


A 40 year old man with 65 year old ass? He has a bad case of cellulite.

I maintain my bleah.


I agree totally - no full frontal = no "real" nudity. The "star-out" effect on his bum gave me a serious case of the giggles, too.


Zayrina - he looks better from the front. Many people can back me up on this. And his face is nice too.
Mare - Yes, ewvidently TMZ has standards and positions stars when needed.


Re the photo of Ed, that's the pocket of the thong he's wearing, which means the contents could be anything, including nothing or a sock.


~~Silk - you know I've seen Ed naked. Not nothing.


I asked my son, Harrison, if he had heard about naked Harry. He said, "Why would anyone care? He's like their Snooki."
Me: "Prince Harry is the Snooki of Great Britain?"
Harrison: "Well the Royal Family is like the Jersey Shore."
I really like my kids.


Wendy - Harrison is a genius.

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