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August 04, 2012


Big Dot

That's a remarkably apt cappuccino mataphor, well done on that - but I'm now very glad I've given up coffee.


What...the food choices...I mean really...Obviously I don't go to anyplace more elaborate than the semi-cafeteria of Shalimar (King of Sweets!) but if this is what food has been reduced to, I'll just stay at home with my biryani, thank you.


I have shit-fits too so you have my sympathy. I have IBS that I blame it on. I warn you that this just gets worse with age. Depends are you friends.


As I read that menu, I wonder what ever happened to a nice medium rare steak and baked potato.

Erin G

It is so sad that you didn't invoke "Birthday Month"!


Big Dot - Sad to say, it was apt. And caffeine is evil, isn't it?
Becs - You'll never know what a good combination sliced radish is with compressed honeydew ...
Zayrina - This is a remarkably long lasting fit. Yogurt isn't even working.
Caroline - Boring! I've eaten that. I can get that at work.
Erin G - I've made up for it already.


When the fits stretch out I take levsin. Stops it in one or 2 doses. Infinitely more effective than immodium or the like.


I got the ills just reading that menu and thinking about those poor, tortured ingredients. As a Californian, I mourned especially for the artichoke hearts (although, considering the season, if fresh they were probably from Chile or somewhere like that, and the scallops, too). I'm sure they were taking revenge.
Fresh, local and home-cooked. Gotta do it. It's the only way to be healthy.


Zayrina - I've taken levsin, long time ago. Immodium is trash. I've been eating better and waiting it out.
Hattie - Mosaic has a big commitment to locally grown products. All the cheese and veggies are local, anyway. Home-cooked is good, only I'd never compress my honeydew.


More important than where you can get it is that YOU CAN DIGEST IT.

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