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August 26, 2012



Shopping therapy! God those shoes are cute! Any way to get them cheaper,ya think?


At first glance I thought those were Dutch wooden clogs.


...and that you were announcing that the vacation destination was the Netherlands.


Um, hon? This might be just a touch manic. Just a touch. Just saying.


Hattie - well, the black ones were advertised at $99 but sold out in every size. One size smaller did show up used on eBay two weeks ago, though.
~~Silk - No ... that sounds wonderful, but unless we can ship the dog to the Netherlands that's off the table.
Becs - HYPOmanic. HYPO. I can control it. I bought nothing today, mainly because the weekend wore me out and I took a sick day.


Becs - Oh, for God's sake. I took another sick day today. Realized at 2 I was feeling the withdrawal symptoms from dropping off my drugs. The weekend didn't wear me out at all.

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