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August 19, 2012



Le Douchebag.


"Legitimate rape"? What the hell? Female body can apparently expel any unwanted pregnancy on its own? Whatever he's on, stop it, stop it now.


Idiot. I guess that also means that if you DO get pregnant, then you're lying about being raped.


I read this on CNN before seeing your blog post. Seriously, it made me want to vomit.
I wish I could send a vote from Indiana to his opponent. I will be sending this jackass a missive by email, which will doubtless be lost in a sea of missives....


Marcia - Le Word to Your Mother
Becs - His apology even goes out to women who have been "raped or abused." Why not just stop at rape? Because he wants to include all the illegitimately raped women.
Kristen - Well sure, raped = slut = liar anyway. Not only is he an idiot, I went to his "Approved doctors" page on his website to see if there was a speck of truth to this magical uterus lie and the fiurst name on the list is Mom's lung doctor, the one who refused to give her the serious drugs when she was in hospice. You know, because she might die.
Zayrina - Twitter here in Saint Louis exploded the minute he said it. Then there were many humorous remarks.


If the female body can expel unwanted pregnancy on its own, are women's bodies illegal in states where abortion is illegal? Can someone now be arrested for miscarriage?

Ass hat. I'm not even sure what that insult means, but this guy is one.

Amy in StL

I've gotten messages from every out of state friend I know wanting to know if this is my Representative. Sadly, it is... until I move to the city next week. Yet another reason to move. I'm thinking about stumping door to door for Claire.


I like that Ms. McCaskill is being blamed for "supporting" Akin with her ads against him. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/20/1122203/-Rumor-Has-It-That-Claire-McCaskill-Told-the-Truth I really didn't think my eyes could roll back that far.


Tami - On further research (because I know in my heart people are essentially good) I hear his hypothesis is that raped women's vagina's aren't lubricated, so the sperm can't make it to the vagina, like they are crawling through the desert. SPERM COME WITH THEIR OWN LUBRICATION. Asssssshat.
Amy in StL - I'm sure she has pleeeenty of volunteers now ...
Jammies - That is absurd. But cunning, if it were true.


Good Lord. What are these people on, anyway?


Hattie - Religious superiority?

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