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August 11, 2012



Ya know...this may be worth consideration for those days when Gary is out of sorts and won't go play. Er, I don't mean the guy. I meant the meetup group.

Big Dot

I feel your pain. Especially as I might be termed one of the 'older ladies' to whom you refer (NOT 60 YET!). It's especially tough to be the youngest in the family, with an older husband and so normally the youngest in the social group, to realise that suddenly I'm the oldest person in the groups I often find myself in these days. It's shocking.


I wonder what he would respond with were the lady in question to respond in the affirmative?
I turn 53 on Wednesday. I have to say I neither look nor act the part-ever young at heart and all that. My mother was a train wreck health wise at this age. The not smoking thing makes a huge impact at this point.!


They like to recruit hot new youngun's - can you blame them?
Belated Happy 50th - my take on 50 is, you are officially old enough to do anything you want.


Becs - Oh, I'm already looking at meetup groups. Not that crowd, though.
Big Dot - This group didn't have anything interesting to eavesdrop to. I think you'd be interesting.
Zayrina - Mom was a train wreck at 13, and Dad was dead. Good perspective.
Mare - So it's official now? Well, now it's no fun.

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