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August 30, 2012


Amy in StL

That paragraph about wanting the country run like a family? That hits the nail exactly on the head for me. Maybe there are people who grew up in asshole families, I'm glad I'm not one. I'd totally hug you for putting into words how I feel about what I want from my Commander in Chief.... But, I don't really hug.


Amy - Phew, good same here.


I'm with you, doll.


Yeah, I'm the heartless conservative here. A company shouldn't be run in a heartless manner, but they do run out of money. Sometimes decisions must be made. Could they choose to cut executive bonuses to keep lower wage employees? YES! But there is a limit to how far small companies can go and still keep people on the payroll.

And I do have a problem providing a meal to a man who bought a flat screen TV. Sell the TV, use that money to live, then come ask me for a meal. (Says the woman who is thunking her TV on the side to make the picture steady because she chooses feeding her children over technology.)


I have heard that Mitt Romney knows how to run a business that makes money for investors and the company. Would I want him to be my boss? My immediate supervisor? Nope.


Hattie - Unity!
Caroline - Well, I deliberately exaggerated about the flat screen. But, if you had to choose between your family's health and money, you'd choose health over money,and you'd even go into debt for it.
Wendy - Technically, I guess we're the investors though, since we pay taxes. Huh. I just looked it up, and Bain seems to be feeling the pinch since 2008. So he's built a company that's successful when everyone's successful?

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