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August 08, 2012



Boom! Flash! Perhaps The Great Reviewer has reviewed your review of a book of which He disapproves? Suppose someone wrote a biography of you and had you engaged in all kinds of sophomoric hijinks? Would you approve? Hell no! (Which reminds me - what does the "H" stand for?)

Stay away from the windows.


~~Silk - Nooo .. I can't tell you what the H stands for ... it's the last line of the book! It would ruin it.


It's retribution, I tell you!


I loved it. I adored it. I woke my husband up shaking the bed with my laughter.


Hattie - Just a little heads-up from God? God shaking his finger. Hm.
Allison - It took a while to get going. It gets better when it parallels the Bible, I think.

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