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August 03, 2012



Now, now. Consider the alternative.

Amy in StL

Yeah, I got something from them a few years back when I was still in my 30's. I suspect one of my friends thought it was a funny joke to sign me up for some list. Kind of like how I get republican mailings that I attribute to one particular disgruntled ex-boyfriend.


I don't understand why an association for "retired persons" doesn't require that you be a retired person.


I started getting those back when I was a young pup like you. The wrinkles bother me more.


Yes, it's a shock, but there maybe a time when you appreciate that organization. And, if nothing else it's a reminder to Save, Save, Save for the eventuality that your body is too tired to go to work. It comes to us all, sooner or later. Ah me, the voice of doom (and truth).


I've been getting them since my mom co-signed on my first car loan when I was 20.


Hattie - eternal youth? Oh, you mean Death.
Amy in StL - That's an evil trick!
Tami - I wonder if my brother will ever get an AARP card, since he has worked only rarely, and can't really "retire."
Zayrina - I have fat and one (count it) one wrinkle (between my brows).
Arlene2 (hi Arlene2!) - Oh, I'm filling out the application so I can get the travel discounts.
Caroline - maybe that's what happened to Amy in StL.

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