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August 02, 2012



How was the show? I know my beloved Stephen is not usually a very good stage musician and he's had some major health problems lately.

Crosby cracks me up because the one time I saw him and Nash, he just stood there and sang, like, "Hey, you wanted me, I'm here and I'll sing for an hour and fifteen minutes, then I'm outta here." Nash still thinks he's 30. He's not. But he is the cutest 70 year old I've seen.


Becs - it was the best show I have ever seen. EVER. Incredible. And Stills did take about three breaks. We just assumed he was drunk. Didn't know he was sick. Crosby was completely engaged and was a co-lead with Nash. It was 2 90 minute sets plus intermission.


Yeah, there was a rumor that Stills had a stroke a couple of years ago and people did assume he was drunk. Gee, a musician performing stoned, what are the odds of that? But some interviews with him showed him having some trouble getting the words out. He'd also gained a lot of weight but has slimmed down now, so I hope he's on the road to being healthy.

I'm jealous of the long set list.


Becs- wow, you are right about the stroke rumor. And it stays a rumor, too. No official statement out there at all that I can see.

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