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August 06, 2012



Are you kidding? That's the worst idea ever! I burn bad photos of me, and I don't mean on disk.


That's the danger of Facebook.

Amy in StL

I'd play along, but I'd have a hard time picking the worst photo ever. Usually I look like a squinty frog in photos. When I did online dating; I had more than one guy tell me I was so much prettier in person.... and I picked the best photos I had to put online.

Big Dot

As the one in charge of compiling photo albums in the old days, and super-fast on the delete button now, there is, I'm pleased to say, not a single unflattering photo of me in existence. Unfortunately, there aren't any flattering ones either. I've allowed a few moderately tolerable ones to exist, simply for historical record.


~~Silk - Even ones that are so bad it's ridiculous?
Hattie - It is dangerous. More than once unflattering photos of me have been published.
Amy inStL - Oh, come on, try.
Big Dot - All the shots I see of you are from far afield.

Amy in StL

Well there's this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whiteflash93/466346758/ In which I am the limp-haired toad in the patterned shirt. I swear I normally have better posture than that.


Amy in StL - but your smile looks good - one side up, one side down.


Look at the pictures of me on Facebook - someone posted a picture of me FROM THE BACK. Is that bad enough? Nope. I'm also wearing a dress OVER PANTS. And my hair is in a filthy ponytail. I'm so, so glad that someone not only captured that moment on film, but that it got tagged.

I know I'm the widest human in NJ, but seeing the evidence on film is just harsh.


Tami - I had to hunt for it; it was at the very end. And you are right, that is an awful awful photo of you.


Yup. I was camping, and grimy, and the club that likes to surprise people gave me a major award that day. I was honored *and* horrified.


Tami - we have to stop commenting on this post. It makes me look at my very bad photo.

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