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July 17, 2012



Poor old doggie. We had to let our little guy, Buddy go. He lived under my office desk and was very smelly. I miss him.

Amy in StL

I feel bad. I decided to let my 16 year old dog go when they talked about dialysis for him. He hated the vet and hated groomers and I couldn't imagine putting him through that several times a year. Maybe I should have done it.


Hattie - I still miss Fred and Douggie. We've had Mac longer than any other dog.(He was the worst of the three.)
Amy in StL- No, you should have done it. We let our first dog go well after his time and it was not good. No tail wagging at all.


Is the fluid treatment subcu fluids for his kidneys? I've done that at home for at least three of my cats. Boris has been on subcu fluids for at least a years.


I keep putting off getting a new cat because I don't want to take care of an old cat, again. I think I've become too selfish to care for other living things. At least I recognize the shortcoming.


Becs - I know Marci did sub cu for her dog. I think thats the next step.
Tami - I think you have enough to do taking care of your dad.

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