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July 13, 2012


Big Dot

I'm a great fan of single travel. I've done it a lot, and I always end up having a more interesting time, because I talk to people. I love having the hotel room all to myself, and the big bed, and making unilateral decisions about what to do, and not having to be penitent if something doesn't work out.

The only downside is the evening meal. I try to feel mysterious, but usually just feel dorky out on my own. And the lighting's never good enough to read by. But that was before iPads...


What Big Dot said. Except for the evening meal. As a singleton of 12 years, I have learned to brazenly into a restaurant, sit by myself and just enjoy my meal. While I'm eating, I don't need to read.

The only trouble I've encountered is at the casino restaurants in AC (where I do not gamble). These restaurants are made for couples or more so it's hard to get a table that isn't near the kitchen door or even worse, the hall to the bathrooms.

But yes, do go! If you go to a B&B in Maine or Vermont, you'll likely be there for the evening meal and they'll treat you right. You might even have more company than you want.


Maine in August is indeed splendid. Go for it!


I love eating alone and reading. Have a great trip!


Big Dot - Gary screams "White Slavers" now when I mention it. I had lunch a few weeks ago and ate alone. I was fine, only I felt as if I was talking to the waitress too much.
Becs - White Slavers are in Maine and Vermont as well.
Magpie - Is there some spot in Main particularly known to be rocky with splashy waves and lighthouses? (And no human trafficking?)
Caroline - How is it you were not White Slaved when you travelled in your youth?

All - I doubt there's any market for fat fifty year olds, but I think Gary's point is he would worry about me. He promises more interesting St Louis outings in the future. Ingrid Michaelson, Botanical Gardens, Crosby Stills and Nash.


What about visiting a far away friend or relative? They could protect you from the people that kidnap 50 year old women on vacation.


Tami - But, my friends are all female, and they would be abducted too. We have a good compromise now: Gary suggested we drive off with the dog to a cabin with ac where we might see wildlife, and then I suggested we attend a concert or do something fun out of the house every week.


Hey! I live in Maine! Come visit in August!


gaoo - All plans are on hold until the dog passes on. He seems to have taken to the water cure though, he's been scampering around like a puppy.

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