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July 23, 2012



I have known a couple of people who had impossible cancer diagnosed who were cured by prayer. Well that's what I was told did it anyway. But that darned Jesus is so capricious with his miracles. Cured my high school biology teacher of his pancreatic cancer but let his wife die later of some kind of cancer.

In any case she is going to die so let her have her hope while she can.

Big Dot

Yes, especially since then she gets the double whammy disappointment of dying anyway and no compensatory afterlife.


If I had to choose between poisonous chemicals being pumped into my veins (with stage IV cancer, no less) or having a hot stone massage, meditation, and walking around in comfy clothes in a beautiful place, I have to say I would take the latter.

My mother, perversely, chose the opposite. Along with radiation. It just made her die twice as fast as the doctor predicted.


I have a book for you: http://barbaraehrenreich.com/brightsided.htm


Yes, Barbara is right. She is still alive after breast cancer, because she got the treatment she needed. I have a friend who survived state 3 colon cancer. The treatment was not pretty (projectile diarrhea, anyone?) but he sure is glad to be alive now, golfing, vacationing in Mexico, seeing his grandchildren grow up...of course he is Canadian, so he got the best of treatment for free and still can afford to live well in his old age.
But we wouldn't want that for ourselves, would we. That would be socialism.
Better soothing music and the cyanide pie.


I don't know anyone that's actually recovered, with or without treatment. I'm just going to go take that sudden realization into the corner with me with this blanket and teddy bear to hug.

I'm not coming out.


Zayrina - I believe far more in the power of prayer than the power of hypobaric chambers.
Big Dot - Pascal's Wager right back at you!
Becs - I think the thing is they are lying to her. I'd be fine if they said, well, while you're dying, let's make you feel really good. Instead, they say "Pah! You aren't dying. If you give us ten grand we can fix you." (I don't know how much it is.)
Wyo - Oh! I almost bought that book. She was on the Daly Show or NPR or something promoting it.
Hattie - The cyanide pie with the Sauce of Denial.
Tami - Oh, I know my Dad- he got four types of cancer. He recovered three times.

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