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July 15, 2012


Big Dot

Sunday is the only day when even people with lives can be guaranteed to be at home in front of TV. Have you never noticed how there's nothing worth watching on Saturday nights? It's just twisting the knife for those of us who have no friends and no social life.


Please. Take my advice. No matter how much TiVo tries to entice you, do not, under any circumstances, watch "Sophie's Choice". It will cause you to wail and mourn and cry and it won't be the kind of crying where you dab your eyes and say, "There, I feel much better." Instead, you'll walk around with stones in your heart.


What Becs said. Stones. In your heart. Even those of us with small black hearts feel that way.

I only watch 3 of those shows, and Dr. Who is on Saturday for me. Saturday night at 10, I think. And it's in repeats, now.

I didn't watch anything last night, and am now relying on HBOGO through the XBox to show me True Blood and The Newsroom. Who knew I'd use the XBox this much?


Big Dot - Fridays and Saturdays! You are right. Happily, with my new interest in Downton Abbey I can fill my empty date nights with that.
Becs - Everything you say makes me want to watch it more.
Tami - Is that how people get to HBO-GO? I've never understood that.


I can watch HBO Go on my XBox, my computer, or my phone. I would only do the phone in a pinch.

I had to set up my user ID and password through my cable company. I thought it was too much trouble, but now that I'm using it for HBO on demand on my good TV, it seems worth it.

I did watch The Newsroom through the XBox, but I forgot, I TiVo'd True Blood.


Tami- I forgot Girls and Boardwalk Empire. I think I can keep away from HBOgo for a while.

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