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July 31, 2012



There are some meds that reduce my appetite. If I moved more than a slug, I might actually lose weight, but for the most part, I'm hungry occasionally but generally have no appetite.

For a list of current meds, inquire within.

Amy in StL

I took Orlistat which made me leak orange oil and I quit the meds rather than quit the foods. My mom says the stress of living with my dad has made her lose her appetite; and she's offered to send him to live with me for a while. Maybe I can rent him out?

I took Phen-fen years ago and it did wonders.... I can't believe they can't find something that works as well.


Amy, phenistat (the "phen" part of fen/phen) has just been approved by the FDA. The first advertising I saw for it said:


Thanks, I'd rather be fat.


Becs - I took Topomax and lost my appetite but only 8 pounds. I think the key is to keep your appetite for healthy food and lose it for fatty foods.
Amy in StL - I do have to take a test next week and if I fail it I have to take my Series 7 again. That's enough stress for me. Besides, I'm a stress eater.

Mrs. Hall

yes, they (I) still prescribe antebuse. I don't really use this unless someone comes to already on it or having been on it because it's mean what it does. which is make people puke and poop their pants if they come in contact with etoh. or, like your Dad, having nothing happen at all.

I use naltrexone instead. which is kinder and gentler and doesn't do anything but block the booze from reaching a person's brain. it comes in injectable form too.

maybe pair the food you want to get rid of with food that you know makes you cough. that way you can trick your brain in thinking both foods did it and you will avoid both foods.

might be worth a try.

OR JUST GO ON WEIGHT WATCHERS AND MAYBE SEE A COUNSELOR. that works too in working with food issues.



Mrs hall - But WW and counselors don't resolve the problem that I get the immediate feedback.

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