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July 11, 2012



He's so got that silver foot in his mouth.

Did you see this?



HE'S racist...and elitist and clueless...not you!

Big Dot

I know he's rich, but he wants to be a politician - has he not heard of the hustings? What a delicate flower.


Magpie - Wow! That is an excellent article.
Amy - Hm. I haven't heard any fallout though. Remember when Ross Perot went and kept calling the NAACP "you people?"
Big Dot - Hustings - is that debates or giving stump speeches out in the heartland? Because he has done that and been jeered.


Romney is about the most clueless presidential candidate ever. He thinks he can win by writing off millions of people. What a jerk.


Hattie - well, so was W. You just have to win Florida, right?

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