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July 02, 2012


Amy in StL

There always seems to be some kind of discount around in exchange for canned goods. Maybe you can sell them to your coworkers so they can get the discount.


Just schlep it to a church or a food bank. They'll be happy to take it.

Then they'll give it to people like the person I was three years ago and three years later, the supposedly grateful recipient will notice that it expired a year ago and throw it out.

And you'll get your karma points after all.


Amy in StL - Hm. We have a coupon bowl in the break room intermittently. I don't know if anyone uses the coupons, so I doubt they'd use the cans.
Becs - Actually, Steve looked through my cans and all expiration dates were still valid. And no, NO schlepping! I'm not that generous. TeddyJ will have another canned food drive.


Throw them at Steve!!!

Don't schlep. Worst case, my old boss S will gladly take them for the Boy Scout food drive in the fall.


Caroline - okay. Of course, he'd find the percussion section more annoying.

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