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July 08, 2012


Big Dot

So much cuter to watch summer birds fluttering in a bath, splashing the water everywhere (you'll have to keep topping it up, you realise that) than to be browbeaten by hordes of winter sparrows sitting in the tree outside the living room window, staring at me and crapping on the deck, willing me go and fill up their feeder with seed for them to spill over the garden so it can germinate for me to weed out in the spring...



Have you noticed we have a pedestal with no bird bath on top of it? The bowl part of it cracked years ago. I let people imagine what the pedestal is for.


Big Dot - Ah, but they are cunningly positioned so the sprinklers will top them off whenever they run. And, does that mean you have sunflowers all over your yard? Isn;t that what happens when you feed them sunflower seeds?
Caroline - No, I never noticed it. therefore, it must be level. Is it in your front yard?

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