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July 29, 2012



That looks awesome. I wouldn't go, because it's outside, and there are other people there, but just the same - awesome.


Because of my old fartitude I avoid events like this.


Tami - Yeah, awesome would be just me and the lanterns.
Hattie- I'm doing it to stave off Gary's Old Fartdom.

Amy in StL

I love MoBot but I didn't find the lantern festival all that interesting. I guess I expected it to feel a little more like they were made by craftsmen and a little less like they were put up by a carnival company. It was hot and there were booths hawking goods and the lanterns just weren't that cool. The only interesting ones were the ones made out of bottles or china - the rest were very unimpressive.


Amy - I just realized the porcelin dragon - from CHINA - was made out of CHINA. Hahahaha. I laughed as loudly as I did when I made my "disorienting" joke. Get it? Get it?

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