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July 21, 2012



I agee with Gary. Life must go on with as little disruption as possible. I wish there were a way to report the news without it actually being reported. No press coverage for terrorists and no satisfaction of seeing our lives altered.


Zayrina - I wonder if there is any country where such a sensible idea has worked?




It's not the fault of the movies. Sort of.
There are lots of other murderous villains that he could have claimed to be.


Hattie - Well, I know Canada had a trial of someone who seemed evil just for attention, and I know there was to be a media ban on it. I also remember there was a spot at Mmme Tussaud's where there was an empty spot (no waxwork) for the killer who said he wanted to be at MMe Tussaud's. Some places must deny attention to those people. Then again, Anderson Cooper said today they would not be talking about the killer but about the victims, and I did switch the channel.
Tami - Scary to think he could have flipped out so fast. I just read strange packages are arriving at his school now.

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