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July 23, 2012



I'm sorry, I was tied up on Saturday seeing the Batman movie. Otherwise I would have tried to bend the space-time continuum to arrive in your city.

I don't think I ever wrote the word "continuum" before. So weird.


Julie and Elaine were delightful. You didn't mention all the beverage foisting, though. Apparently Gary does not find water to be a satisfactory party drink. Much alcohol must be offered. And the ice. Oh, the ice.


Tami - I hear the Batman movie is not so good, and that the gunshots are very distracting. Libby said she kept an eye on the exit doors.
Caroline - They are so nice, aren't they? And true, Gary was forcing that beer he bought down your throat. I was proud we had ice in the basement, even though he had to chisel it apart.


You have a Team A? I'm jealous.


Becs - Oh, so says the woman who had two dozen people show up for her party in the park.


I invited a Facebook group to come hang out at my place Saturday night. Usually, if I do that, I get between 2 and 4 people. This time, I got 12 people that RSVP'd "I'm in". Whoops.


I'm sorry. All I remember is a lot of wasted food and maybe seven people showing up. And thinking, what the HELL was I thinking?


Tami - I always try to calculate what conditions combined to make that type of thing happen, so I can replicate it.
Becs -Silk- tell Becs she can't count


I'm up to 19 people. I messaged everybody and told them to bring one thing each. I planned on making a cake and buying 2 six packs of cider. I'm switching to cupcakes, because they feed more people, but I'm *not* buying more booze.

I didn't get this many people to the bridal shower I threw, where I sent out formal invitations in advance.

I have first world problems, again.


Tami - it's a good problem, as long as it isn't extra work for you.

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