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June 02, 2012


Big Dot

Mmmm, beautiful. Especially the hiking through rugged mountain peaks, swimming in big waves, the brightness, the sunshine... just up your alley, I'd say. Ahem. And beware of all those bewitching aerial shots - when do you ever get to see scenery from that angle, in reality?

Go to Washington state. I liked it there.


Kaua'i was my favorite, Maui a very close second. Keep in mind that all that scenery on the video is not accessible by road. They were being honest in showing backpackers. Helicopter tour!

I think you should go to a Polynesian island - preferably that one with the hotel rooms on stilts in the lagoon.

(Shouldn't one decide where one is going before buying shoes to go there? I call "EXCUSES!")


Big Dot - As I hear, Kauai rains every day. And we've identified short hikes - Down the Champs Elyesee and back was two plus miles, right?
~~Silk - Absoltuely. I've already prepared Gary that he will be getting in helicopters and small planes. Polynesia was met with "What! Those places with mosquito netting around the beds? DO YOU KNOW WHY THEY HAVE THE MOSQUITO NETTING? IT'S BECAUSE OF THE MOSQUITOES!"


At this rate you're going to end up in Branson at a theater featuring distant Osmond relatives.


Caroline - I was ready to hit the "BOOK NOW" button this morning, then Gary said "THAT is a LOT of money," and we began thinking how we might go someplace more economical, which not surprisingly seems to be Spain, Italy and Greece. Oh, and the ever-overcast Ireland. So we got some books at Barnes and Noble and we are back to square one.


Ireland. You can never go wrong with Ireland. Er, as long as you don't go to Northern Ireland. Which isn't even Ireland at all.

Why don't you go to Hawaii? You can always come visit me in Ireland when I retire.

Big Dot

Ireland is good. And overcast. The further south you go, the more fun it is. But it's not cheap there: beware the euro.


Becs - well, we are beginning to doubt if we can take the sun and heat.
Big Dot - I think it's down to Hawaii, Ireland or the Canadian Rockies. I thought one dollar was equal to .8 euros. Do I have that backward?

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