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June 27, 2012


Big Dot

I'm outraged too - hadn't heard the story, had never even considered that situation. I'm curious to know how that would play out here - probably just the same.

Ahem. On another level of outrage entirely, so far below the subject that I hesitate to mention it (yet I am) - it's boss's. Never be afraid of that third s. If you can hear it, write it.


Big Dot - I looked it up when I wrote it last night:

"Incidentally, the NYPL Guide also suggests that when a word ends in a double s, we're better off writing its possessive with only an apostrophe: the boss' memo, the witness' statement. Many writers insist, however, that we actually hear an "es" sound attached to the possessive forms of these words, so an apostrophe -s is appropriate: boss's memo, witness's statement. If the look of the three s's in a row doesn't bother you, use that construction. "

I figured that I would follow a guide instead of "many writers."

But yeah, boobless lady. That story is infuriating.

Amy in StL

I think there's a reason none of my immediate coworkers bring their kids to work except before parties held off premises (picnic and xmas). Our lunch table cannot go a day without some mention of poop, boobs, vegetables looking like genitals or something else really inappropriate.


Don't worry. What do you think kids have on their minds anyway?


I think it's good for kids to hear this stuff. Mine have grown up pretty much hearing it all - early on they were fascinated, now they've learned to run for cover if the subject grosses them out, etc. I consider it good life training - keeps them on their toes.


Amy in StL - I could have lunch with your crowd. They sound liek my crowd.
Hattie - Boobs and poop, you are right.
Mare - I'm sure any kids I had would be raised that way too, just - these are other people's kids.

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