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June 27, 2012



Good Lord...it's supposed to get hot here, but not like that - do hide out with the ice maker and popsicles!


Well it's damn cold here in Seattle. It's the marine air being pulled inland by the heat in the interior.
Take it easy and drink plenty of fluids.


Yes, it's headed our way, too. 7 days of it, at least, from the looks of it. I don't think there are enough popsicles in the world to handle that.

Amy in StL

It makes me wonder about all the houses I'm seeing for sale in the city that don't have central air. Do these people know there is such a thing?


Pull all the blinds closed. Put popsicles in the freezer and beer in the fridge. Oh, and a watermelon. Wear your nekkidest clothes.

I think the use of central air conditioning is one hallmark of civilization.


Mare - I have no icemaker and no popsicles. But, as I thanked Gary this evening, I have the best AC system available. We will be testing it tomorrow - it's the worst heat since the 1950s.
Hattie - Cold? I have to get up there.
Suburbancorrespondent - What is it with this crowd and popsicles? I haven't had a popsicle in ... decades.
AmyinStL- I know. My Aunt Carleen lived forever without central air. You just sit in front of the window unit, or you die.
Becs - But to get those things I would have to go out, and right now it's ... 80. 80 is my limit.


Glad you're hunkering down. I just heard this morning about the upcoming St. Louis heatwave and I thought about you. Be careful...I know you know what to do.


Kristie - I think everyone in my department is hunkering, actually. I heard this morining the forecast was now 109. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't get there.

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