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June 21, 2012



Really? You trust something that comes from The Onion?

You know what raccoons are also known for?


I know you can do better than that.


Becs - At first I thought it was funny the spirit guide author trusted the Onion, then I thought she might be being mischevious in the sprit of the raccoon, and that made me smile.


Somehow it seems the raccoon is a very appropriate spirit guide for you - all that mischief. You must try cooking something blindfolded and see if you can channel their dexterity.
I had the same thought on The Onion reference - smacks of being deliberate.
And I think watching videos of baby animals being cute is a fantastic coping skill - roll with it!


Raccoons adapt easily to new situations, learn easily, and take advantage of opportunities. They also listen when you talk to them. You could do worse.


Mare - I learned today they like watermelon rinds, and they've been ravaging my neighbor's garage.
~~Silk - I just learned today how to tune a 12 string guitar. Just like a raccoon.

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