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June 11, 2012



How many movies did you watch this weekend? And what were they?


Oh Linda. How embarrassing for you.

Big Dot

Well, if I'd realised Galapagos was a contender, I'd've told you to go for that, no question. You'll be tripping over the animals, literally, that's a promise. (It's sunny there though.) I cruised on La Pinta, which was lovely. Linda doesn't deserve your business, but there are plenty of other operators who'll be happy to get you there.


Becs - Horrible Bosses (very amusing), Friends with Benefits (cute), the Change-Up (second half is better), Tower Heist (predicatable but diverting), and This Means War (abSURD and forgettable).
Allison - Linda's probably already pushed the blame on someone else.
Big Dot - oh, no, no Galapagos. I mentioned it to him and he almost spat. Galapagos is a shrine! Unthinkable!


I'm going on The Rock Boat next year. I just decided for sure, today. Do you like Red Wanting Blue?


Horrible Bosses is hilarious. Do you think they'll ruin it with phoned-in sequels?


Tami - Never heard of Red Wanting Blue. TRB doesn't appeal to us. I can't picture every other person being drunk.
Caroline - Nope. I don't think it's enough of a money-maker to support a sequel.


Red Wanting Blue is Very Good. I used Capital Letters. Also, come on - do you think I'd enjoy it if all the people were drunk all the time? Of course not. You know the moments on S&D where you were in one of the places that BNL members weren't? That's exactly what The Rock Boat is like. Maybe a bit louder.

I wanted to book today, but my Sixthman Ninja didn't tell me I'd need a first payment of $890. She only told me $600. I only moved $600. This has delayed me 24 hours. I hope I don't lose my room choice.


Tami - Hm. So what I hear is that Rock Boat cruisers must have a high tolerance for alcohol. Didnt they drink one million dollars worth of booze on the first day? Besides, we've now found a place in Costa Rica that has armadillos and howler monkeys.


Huh. Maybe Rock Boaters did drink that much. I couldn't tell ya, I was hanging with some of the S&D message board crew on the first day. Two of them were conspicuously under the influence, and the rest of us just seemed social. I think I might have been a bit inebriated, but certainly not past intelligent conversation.

Howler monkeys and armadillos sound intriguing. :)


Tami - Howler monkeys will probably have to wait. Gary wants to delay vacation until they find out what's wrong with him.

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