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June 19, 2012



Wishing you a good hard cry that clears the decks, as well as some happier, healthier times ahead. Hang in there!


I'm sorry. Hang in there. Here's hoping for clear skies ahead.

Big Dot

I think you need to give more credence to the numbers. Odds are, literally, that it's all going to be all right. Think positive. And breathe deeply. Vibes coming your way.


Oh dear. Hang in there, girl. Though I don't know you personally, I think about you and Gary.

Amy in StL

Ugh, I hate the work cry. I once was trapped in the bathroom after crying because people kept trickling in so I couldn't make a clean red-eyed getaway. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of you.


Hm. Getting concerned. I can recommend movies if you want a good bellow at home - "Marley and Me", "My Dog Skip", and more recently "We Bought a Zoo." Anything with dying animals makes me sob for hours.

On the other hand, people dying, love affairs broken, enh. Life happens.


Mare - Had my good cry while hanging off Gary. He hasn't shown any fear. It'll show up as soon as I calm down.
Kristen - The skies are clearing, thank you.
Big Dot - You are right. We are done with all the tests and none have shown anything that would require him to be rushed off in a gurney.
Hattie - Don't know me personally? Do I need to share more labial cyst stories?
Amy in StL - Yesterday I walked in on a girl squatting under the sinks, on a very personal phone call,and I turned on my heel and walked right back out.
Becs - I'd never seen Phantom of the Opera, and I saw it last night. My god! Overwrought! Sobbing! Just perfect.

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