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June 09, 2012


Big Dot

You might point Gary in the direction of a map. Quebec and Vancouver Island aren't, shall we say, contiguous. And, anyway, rioting Canadians? Isn't that like saying 'honest politician'?


I believe this may be your "riot": http://www.globalnews.ca/quebec+riot+police+called+in+to+open+school+just+north+of+montreal/6442641322/story.html

It's students protesting tuition hikes.

Sneak the muscle meds into his coffee or something.


Well, the French...such temperaments, non? But yeah, rioting Canadians is like rioting Minnesotans. I just can't see it happening.

Tell Gary to go to physical therapy. That will help much more than a chiropractor, imo. And in my experience.

Are you using Gary as MS insurance? Seriously?


Big Dot - Well, yes, I know, and he just looked at the globe last week to see where Vancouver island is, nyah. And what is the width of a continent to Gary's paranoia?
~~Silk - But where was the nudity?
Becs - "MS Insurance" - when you put it like that it sounds foolish. I've been thinking of it as a deposit in The International Bank of Karma.
(I washed the soles of his feet the other day. They were dirty!)


QM - That's okay. I was using Xman as old age insurance until I realized he was spending his money faster than he made it and the way he treated his body, he would die before me, or worse yet, I would have to be his nurse. It was good that I left, but that was my situation.

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