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June 03, 2012



Well, she must have gone to the beach without the kids; I can tell you that a beach vacation for a busy mom usually involves more work than does staying home.


My parents saw four adorable teenaged foxes up at the lake last week, but they failed to take photos.

Plus, they weren't being stalked-like-Gary.

And please stop verbing the nouns. You made me shudder, and that's not good for a Sunday. :p


For some reason, a wild turkey crosses my path or hangs out on my garden shed about once every decade. I didn't even know they could fly that high, but this one did.

Big Dot

There were 18 mallard ducks on the grass verge watching me go past on my walk yesterday. (This is probably the least interesting comment I've ever made.)(I hope.)


Suburbancorrepondent - Her kids are getting engaged and the like.
Curmudeonette - I LOVE the term "verbing!" It's a noun, used as a verb! I love those!
Becs - Those things are scary.
Big Dot - No, because it taught me the word verge. I think it's what we call a berm.

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