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June 18, 2012



Awww. Babies! I remember at our old place we had two baby raccoons that we were able to feed through our window (we lived on the second floor). We fed them cat food and grapes by hand, they were so cute! Then they got big and growly and joined an older raccooon gang and that was the end of that. But they were so sweet when they were still little.


I am jealous you have babies - so cute! We only have one massive male raccoon around here - he weighs about 40 lbs and regularly takes down the bird feeders, ravages the composter, and sits staring into the windows like he wants to eat one of us. First time I saw him I almost screamed - he looks like a baby black bear, he's so big...


Faythe - you folks have a history of hand-feeding wildlife.
Mare - Wikipedia says the females keep the males far away from the kits. We're lucky, the males must be far away.

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