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June 04, 2012



He's going to end up on one of those cheesy ads, "Dent Repair Shops Hate This St. Louis Man!" I can't wait to hear his explanation next week for why our atmospheric conditions are juuuuust wrong for it to work like it should.


Gary is wrong. Call the insurance company now. You won't be the only ones. This happened in Florida a lot.

You are wise to avoid Highways of Doom.

I felt that way about the "Beeline Expressway" in FL and that was even before I went through a wall cloud.

Amy in StL

I have one hail dent from that horrific storm a couple of months ago. Apparently you can wait until an absolutely sweltering day - like temps in the triple digits - and go put ice on the dent. I'm not sure if this will work, but I'm not paying my deductible for one dent. Also, I have a friend here with a car so damaged it looks like a golf ball; he calls it his downtown car.


Caroline - eHow agrees with gary! I emailed the eHow article to you.
Becs - That's the plan. I called today and ran it past him (it is his car) and he's turning it over to them.
Amy in StL - I looked it up on eHow, and they recommended a hot day and little chips of dry ice. We've got a lot of dents, plus we'd probably kill ourselves with the dry ice. Calling in a claim tomorrow.

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