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June 07, 2012



I hate Gary's back the way I used to hate Xman's colds.

Then again, I threw it right back at him with my cramps but sorry, I could not conveniently time the arrival of my period.

Gary owes you big time.


Oh dear. This is really sad. What can be done?


Ya know...Gary really should take Wilma's heart into consideration. The only thing I think at 6:30 am when the phone rings is, who's dead?


No pity. I'd have gone alone.


What Silk said. "Bye, Gary, the ice pack is in the freezer!"


Becs - Well, he owes me $700 bucks for the non-refundable tickets. And Wilma does have a bad heart. In Gary's mind she still wakes up at 6:30 to get him to school every day.
Hattie - Well, MRIs and the like, I guess, or Gary could take more of the muscle relaxants. Or he could just generally relax.
~~Silk - No, I know some day I'll need some help when I can't bend over or move. If he'd been a bit less incapacitated I would have gone on my own.

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