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June 30, 2012



Out of the year, the total number of days that I like and make me happy simply due to the weather is about 45. I know, that's sad in and of itself. I don't like the Long Dark, which goes from the end of Daylight Saving Time until sometime in February, when I notice the days getting longer. If the temp is over 80 or under 40, I hide in the house or any other cozy place I can find.

So yes, the weather in the summer can make you depressed. I'm so glad you recognized this before you actually wore those shoes. Really, what were you thinking? But if anyone understands mania, even in retrospect, it's me.


I think heat takes as big a toll on us as the winter does. These high temps make me run for the cover of my air-conditioned house, and as much as I love gardening, I'm not planting or weeding jack in this heat. So I think you are justified in being down - this weather makes ya feel trapped!
And doesn't the heat exacerbate MS symptoms as well? No wonder you are wiped out and feeling down, with this heat wave...
Hope things turn the corner soon - some cool breezes might help!


"in moments of adversity when life's a total wreck, I think of those worse off than me and really feel like heck.".

Sexy behind watching usually cheers me up. It's really all it's cracked up to be.


"But I-I-I, I work in his factory.
And I curse the life I'm living
And I curse my poverty.

But I wish that I could be,
oh, I wish that I could be
Richard Cory."

That Paul Simon. What a madcap!


Becs - I am still going to try on the shoes and totter around the house. With my giant ankles I think I'll look,ike a Clydesdale.
Mare - Heat does make existing symptoms feel worse: it doesn't create new symptoms. You are right, I do feel trapped. I came out today, then I found myself rushing through a 100 degree parking lot.
Zayrina - And, I will be watching sexy behinds close up at the baseball game.
Becs - I've never heard of that song. I'llhave to buy it.


I blame summer sleepiness on my allergies. Oddly, I find myself more awake during the dark hours in the summer time. My circadian rhythm, she's got a different drummer.

Tomorrow's the 4th, I don't have to work. I cannot *wait* to sleep in.

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