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June 11, 2012


Big Dot

My mother leashed me (in a harness) to a doorknob in the hallway when I was 3 or 4, because she couldn't be bothered taking me with her for a quick bike trip up the road to the corner shop. I STILL REMEMBER IT! I thought I'd done something wrong and was being punished. Poor little me!


I remember being so envious of my cousins who got to ride in the open back (this was the 1960s) of my uncle's pick-up truck. It was wonderful. Unlike a convertible, there was the real chance that if you went over railroad tracks, you could get slung out of the truck. Whee!


Big Dot - Actually, that does sound like an unpleasant childhood experience. Your Mom should have leashed you a few times while she was there to desensitize you.
Becs - That is something for our bucket lists! Ride in the back of a truck. On long car trips I slept on the "sill" by the back window of the car. I think my Hansel and Gretel book had the kids sleeping in similar little nooks. It was great.


Meh, I already did it. It's fun if you're ten and don't care about your hair.


Becs - I remembered I'd been on a hayride. I guess it's the same.

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