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June 25, 2012


Amy in StL

OMG, the green seats! I sat there last month courtesy of a friend and I ate so well at the indoor buffet that I couldn't even eat a hot dog. Plus they came with amazing parking!


That's why I shop online when I'm feeling down. Online, not in brick and mortar, so that...

!!I get presents in the mail for days and days!!


I need to know if hotdogs taste better in the green seats. Can you order them well done there? Hotdogs should always be well done.


Amy in StL - I assumed the parking was just on the bottom floor of the parking garage. I don't even know of any closer parking.
~~Silk - I have two presents heading my way right now. Just a blouse and orthotics footbeds.
Caroline - You know what hotdogs do to me. Are there private bathrooms in the green seats?


so, do two pairs of shoes count as four things to look forward to?

Amy in StL

We parked under the overpass which is directly across from the gate for that section. There was a parking hangtag for Lot C - apparently they're lobbying for Lot B parking next year.


Magpie -Only one box. So no.
AmyinStL- I just looked that up on Google Earth. That is pretty sweet. EE! I'm so excited.

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