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June 03, 2012



Poor Gary! OMG! I have felt his pain! It sucks! Gary! Feel better soon! Here! Have some drugs!


Does this have anything to do with your whispering the word "Vacation" to him?


Becs - Nope. The trip to Detroit on Thursday for the wedding isn't a vacation.


Oh poor man! How terrible. Watch the drugs. There is an article in the Sunday Times about them.
Of course the pain is horrid, but somehow there has to be a better way to treat back trouble.


Hattie - Drugs are good. We like the drugs. Although now they have been relegated back to the sock drawer. Even though my back still hurts.

But drugs are good. All things in moderation.

And I still feel sorry for Gary.

Physical therapy, Gary! Hot compresses! oooo.


Hattie - Not to worry. Gary said the Vicodin made things worse. He said it relaxed his back so much he couldn't move while his back was spasming, so he couldn't brance himself or fight it off. Somehow, the muscle relaxants are doing just the right thing. He's in significantly less pain now.
Becs - Dr said no heat until he's a lot better, till then ice. He refuses the ice.

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